Pointing & Restoration Services Ltd are
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Cavity Wall Ties…

Resin Wall Tie

drill the wall & blow out to remove dust.

Inject resin & insert tie leaving resin for 24 hours then pull test 5% and finish resin.

Mechanical Wall Tie

Drill the wall & insert mechanical wall tie.


Tighten up rear of wall tie then finish by tightening front of wall tie.

Remedial Wall Tie Replacement

Horizontal cracking in mortar joints is a fair indication of wall tie failure. The corroded wall tie expanding in size and lifting panels of brickwork causes the cracking. A building showing signs of wall tie failure may already been damaged structurally therefore the complete rebuild of the outer leaf maybe necessary.

The installation of wall ties into a structure should be a preventative measure before distortion of the brickwork has occurred.

New remedial wall tie replacement from Pointing & Restoration Services Ltd using the Kontrakt 190 or similar tie is a simple and cost effective way to replace corroded wall ties. Grade A2 stainless steel ties with 10mm copper alloy shells in accordance with BS 1243 are inserted to stabilise the structure before cracking or distortion begins.

Isolation of Existing Wall Ties

The insertion of new Wall Ties is not sufficient on its own as the original ties may still be rapidly corroding which, if left could result in further disruption to the wall.

The solution is to isolate the original wall ties from the outer leaf of brickwork by a simple and inexpensive method patented by CLAN

This method consists of locating and, removing mortar from around the tie in the outer leaf of brickwork and inserting a PVC sleeve containing a rust- inhibiting compound over the exposed tie to prevent further corrosion.

The semi-rigid nature of the Clansleeve makes it easy to locate around the corroded tie and is pushed home by hand pressure. Sleeves can be installed over a wide area, awaiting inspection prior to re-pointing.